verbal007 portrait

A guy who loves the story capabilities of motion and music. With a passion for visual communication, a knack for the technical and an eye for the artistic, Jeremy has probably spent too much money on human anatomy manuals, vinyl records and comic books.

"I have invested much of my time in rigging, animation and visual effects, staying focused in areas where technology can artistically bring information to life.

Prior to working in the animation industry, I spent 10 years working as a I.T. guy for the big 3 auto companies and utility companies in the metro Detroit area. This scale of technical work has allowed me to observe and understand how all the animation departments plug into each other in film, TV and video game productions.

I have worked with teams ranging from 2-3 artists… to armies of hundreds. While covering the spectrum of an animated production, I have worked with concept artists, modelers and animators, as well as programmers and I.T. pipeline administrators… and everything in between. If you have a question about animation production, I can help you find the answer."

After over 10 years working in animation, Jeremy has returned from Vancouver back to Detroit, where he’s focused on his own production studio. He would like to help bring animation opportunities back to Detroit with him.

Robots are cool too.